R8 – Timetable & Final Instructions


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Please find enclosed timetable for Rockingham – note this meeting has early starts on both days, scrutineering and signing on will be available from 5pm on Friday evening until at least 9pm so please make use of this service to avoid delays on Saturday morning. Please note there will be no entry to the paddock until 4pm however there is a large holding area and diner on the entrance side of the track in case you arrive early. If weather permits and we are running to schedule there may be the opportunity for 2 or 3 non championship Academy/Mini bike races on Sunday. Further details on this will be given at Sundays briefing.

Garages & Power Hook ups

We have calculated if people are sensible we should get all competitors in the garages and therefore we are not operating a reservation system. There are numerous power hook ups in the paddock as well, normally these are at the “back” of the paddock. However with our circuit layout it puts these points at the front and the garages now make up the back of the paddock. Please park in the marked lined bays in the paddock to keep everything neat and tidy.


We still have availability in most classes so if you want to ride please email Laura Hodgson on To avoid the £10 late entry fee please contact Laura before the end of the weekend. However it is vital that you send a stamped self addressed envelope to her to receive your tickets which are required for entry to the circuit. The address is

NoraSport Entries
33 Wood Street
NG20 0AX

Location NN17 5AF

This site is very secure with permanent 24 hour manned security, the nearest Supermarkets and shopping complex are 5 minutes away. Super-unleaded is available in the Paddock fuel station

Track layout

Click on map to enlarge

The track will be different Saturday and Sunday, it is a proper race circuit with high quality tarmac, camber changes and elevation rises and falls. Again Richard Blakeman will be creating an off road section from scratch. The attached picture gives an indication of the track layout for Saturday – gearing will be lower than Cadwell – the overall track length is around 2.2km with plenty of passing opportunities, hairpins are tighter than the image suggests but there are plenty of places to get the bike flat in top.