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R7 Teesside Timetable

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This weekend is the penultimate round of the British Supermoto championship at the fabulous Teesside Autodrome and if the meeting is anything like our trip there in June then it will be a cracker!! We have a couple of additions to the schedule listed below.

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Superkart Challenge

On Friday evening we have the chance to use the circuits Superkarts in a Norasport kart race With trophies and honour up for grabs this is a chance for people who don’t normally race to show their skills on the demanding track. There will be 20 minutes of qualifying plus 40 minute race, starting at 6pm on Friday night. Cost is £50 per person, If you want to enter please email with drivers names.

Bathmate Girls Handicap Challenge

On Saturday the last race will be a girls handicap challenge sponsored by Bathmate so girls make sure you are ready to race!!