Pre-season update

With the new race season rapidly approaching we thought it would be useful to send out a quick note on the major changes to the rules and classes. All the updated regulations have been on the website for a few weeks now and we urge all competitors to download them and acquaint yourself fully with how the championship works.

All Form Downloads

Remember when you sign the entry form you are confirming you have read these documents.

New Classes

After some trial runs last year and after consultation with riders and sponsors, for 2017 we are making several alterations to our race day format which has remained unchanged for a few years now. We think these changes will not only simplify our sport but make it more enjoyable to compete in and watch. Below is a quick overview of the new championships, full details are available in the 2017 championship conditions and technical regulations. With some of the generous sponsorship we have received there will be a number of prizes in different classes and the British Clubman Champion will receive a Suter Clutch of his/her choice.

Saturday will be Club Championship day

The Michelin Championship – open to all NoraSport licence holders on any tyres however to score championship points and win the prize vouchers (1st to 5th) and end of season prize money (1st to 3rd) riders must race on Michelin tyres – this must be indicated on the official entry form.

The EVO Championship – Open to any Supermoto machine manufactured prior to 1st September 2006, if a modified moto-x machine then only parts available prior to September 2006 can be used. A series scrutineer will have the final word on eligibility and we may modify the rules during the season as this is a tester year for the class before being given a full British Championship for 2018. If enough entries this will be a standalone race otherwise it will be run in conjunction with other races on the day.

NPS Give it a Go – For riders purely in their first full seasons racing, or a maximum of 3 previous race meetings. Certain riders may be allowed to compete at the discretion of the race director.

The Academy Class – For junior riders aged 11-14 up to 150cc 4 stroke or 85cc two stoke. Under age riders may be allowed after attending an observed test session.

Mini Bikes – For solos up to 200cc as detailed in the Technical Regulations.

Sunday will be the ACU British Championship day.

The British Supermoto Championship – open to all riders holding a NoraSport & ACU race licence (or one event version). Riders will qualify for group A, B or C in two timed qualifying sessions. The fastest lap out of the two sessions will determine the riders group, the fastest 20 riders will be in A group, the second fastest will be in B group and the remainder will make up group C (and possibly D). The first two riders in the B & C(D) races will move up a group for the next race, there will be no relegation from a group however in certain circumstances the race director may allow riders to drop down a group. After Round 2 the first 10 riders in the Championship will be seeded into Group A but their Grid positions will still be determined by qualifying times which may lead to more than 20 riders starting group A race 1. At subsequent rounds the Top 10 riders in the Championship at the time of the event will be automatically seeded into the A group.

Within The British Championship there will be a four sub classes that all carry full ACU titles,

Two – Stroke, Over-45 (For all riders born prior to 06/04/1972), Suter Clubman (Open to riders who finished outside the Top 10 of the National Championship in 2016) the winner will receive a Suter clutch worth up to £900, and Novice open to riders in their first season of racing. The Race Director can change riders’ classes based on past known ability and observation at meetings.

Championship Points

All Saturday Races & Superlite classes will use points scoring as used in 2016, however Sunday solo races will use a new points scoring method which are detailed in the Championship conditions. Please note that as in many of the world’s top race series this year our final round will carry DOUBLE championship points, also one round can be dropped from a competitor’s total.


For 2017, all riders must have an individual number for the season, riders must display the correct numbers on their machine otherwise points will be deducted. If due to exceptional circumstances you must take to the track on a machine not holding the correct number, the rider or his/her representative must inform timekeeping BEFORE entering the track otherwise the rider will be excluded from the results.

The following combinations are allowed for 2017;

  • All solos white background black numbers.
  • Over 45’s can change numbers to blue.
  • Academy riders’ blue backgrounds with white numbers and the letter A after the number.
  • Previous year’s champion Red background with white numbers, (not compulsory)
  • EVO class bikes Yellow background black numbers.


The updated entry form is attached, please note that if you prefer to pay cash on the day this is acceptable however to avoid paying the £10 surcharge you MUST inform the secretary of the meeting 7 days prior to the event that you are attending EVEN if you have previously ticked the meeting on the entry form. Once you have completed your entry form there is no need to send another form in for future meetings however you must inform the secretary of the meeting that you are attending, the simplest method to do this is email


NoraSport still have several transponders to hire to competitors however we strongly recommend all competitors to purchase their own Transponder to ensure you have trouble free racing, your own transponder also gives you access to a MyLaps account that will give you valuable insight into your own performance on track. We use the MX system and the transponders are Orange, the easiest way to obtain a transponder is to go direct to and buy the X2 MX transponder, the cost is roughly £85 and will save you money and potential problems over hiring a transponder from us.


Already before the season has begun we have fallen foul of noisy bikes as shown in the calendar change section. Noise is the biggest issue facing our sport by far and it is the sole reason we cannot find more tracks to race at in the UK particularly in the South. All riders must ensure that their bikes comply with the 33mm outlet restriction but more importantly that you take steps to re-pack your silencer regularly, you don’t need a noise meter to tell you when your bike is loud. If in doubt fit the original silencer, it has been proven time and time again that noise does not equal power, the fastest bikes on track last year were the quietest in most cases and the Dyno shows on a regular basis that putting an “after-market power pipe” on a bike often reduces HP & especially rideability. We will work with riders to ensure they get to race wherever possible but persistently loud bikes will be banned from track.

Calendar Changes

In a message that is mainly good news for our sport we must now cover some bad news, due to worries about solo noise levels after our early season test, Blyton have cancelled solos from our meeting in August, we have therefore changed this date for Solos to Rednal and Superlites will stay on the same date at Blyton. The previous date for Rednal is now TBC and we hope to have a replacement venue in place very soon, we will send a separate message out as soon as this is confirmed. 

We are looking forward to a fantastic year of racing in the best and friendliest motorsport series in the UK.

If you have any questions AFTER reading the full Championship & Technical regulations please email