2018 dates


There seems to be a significant increase in stolen bike activity over the past few months, there are now regular reports of stolen Motocross Bikes – recently it would appear, in the South and South East. This trend leads us to wonder whether there is a ‘steal to order campaign’ in place by somebody connected to stolen exports and filling containers to ship abroad.

For example, in two weeks at Canada heights there has been an attempt to steal a bike on race day and one did get stolen at the GEST event on Sunday before practice had even began.

Two were stolen on Sunday night from Kings Lynn and a NGR rider from the Eastern Centre reported two missing on Friday night. A couple were reported missing last week from Sussex and a member of the Kensworth club had his garage attacked last week but nobody got in.The examples above highlight incidents that have happened around the East, South East part of the country but no doubt there are other examples elsewhere which we might not be aware of.

I just highlight these examples in order for us all to be mindful that motocross bikes – in fact any motorcycle should always where possible be locked away when not in use and made secure.Whilst at an event, Organisers, riders, Officials and everyone who attends please keep an eye out for suspicious looking people who might be hanging around the paddock or the venue.

For Organisers it might be an idea to check vans that are leaving events early to ensure nothing is being taken.Motorcycle sport is and can be expensive for those participating – so let’s keep a look out and catch these perpetrators to minimise and/or eradicate this unwanted activity which blemishes our sport.